Way, Truth & Life Ministries (WTL) was born out of years of ministry and community development work. While working in this space and seeing the pain that can come from a life unfulfilled, it became evident that there was a need for personal growth coaching, leadership training, mentoring, and organizational improvement within our communities. With a deep desire to inspire change for those who seek to grow and have a greater impact personally, professionally, and spiritually, WTL was developed to help you be as effective as possible by sharing the love of Christ in as many ways possible.

WTL takes its name and focuses from the book of John 12:32 and 14:6.”

β€œJesus said to him, β€œI am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” – John 12:32

Β β€œIf I am lifted from the earth, I will draw all men to Myself.” – John 14:6

We believe that life is best fulfilled through the love of GOD demonstrated in Jesus Christ. As disciples, we believe that once we have Christ in our lives and learn to live through him, we responsibly live Christ-like before others sharing the same love that we have experienced, fulfilling the law of Christ, and leading others to him by our example.

WTL Ministries is focused on Christ-based small group development to encourage larger community development in a way that is real, relevant, and relatable to the society that we live in today. Each small group will contain no more than 12 - 15 participants, emphasizing equipping individuals in areas that will allow for greater personal growth and impact. Each group is designed to address specific needs to include but are not limited to topical mastermind groups and bible studies, prayer circles, and community development activities.

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